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The Final Breaths of a Main Character

The first music video from The Woods finds singer Ian Dudley trapped in a nautical world of his own imagination.
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    Channel 4
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  1. Ian Dudley .... Main Character
  2. Jason Coleman .... Lead Diver
  3. Dave Geis .... Deep Sea Diver
  4. Chris Rogers .... Deep Sea Diver
  5. Bill Suplee .... Piano Man
  6. Patrick Burdick .... Slide Guitar Man
  7. Bear .... Ocean Dog


  1. Chris Cantey (executive producer)
  2. Nicole Mendez (producer)
  3. John Paul Henderson (assistant producer)


  1. Raul B. Fernandez (director)


  1. Adam Habib (director of photography)


  1. Erni Walker (editor)


  1. The Woods (music)

assistant director

  1. Jesse Alson-Milkman (first assistant director)
  2. Kate McManus (second assistant director)

production designer

  1. Adam Walls (production designer)

art department

  1. Candice Ciesla (storyboard artist)
  2. John Ortbals (forest construction)
  3. Michael Klein (on set painter)
  4. Jade Ah-Heng (art pa)
  5. Jason Dial (set construction)
  6. Adam Walls (set construction)
  7. Rochelle Harvey (art pa)
  8. Jared Mark (art pa)
  9. Melissa Walls (set construction)

camera & electrical department

  1. Lisa Curry (key grip)
  2. David Lee (second assistant camera)
  3. Rob Edgecombe (first assistant camera)
  4. Christina Dunlap (second assistant camera)
  5. Medeni Griffiths (best boy, first assistant camera)
  6. Ann Kim (first assistant camera)
  7. Jonathan Barenboim (gaffer)
  8. Sanjiv Solanki (key grip)
  9. Eugene Devere (dolly grip)
  10. Lior Chefetz (dolly grip)
  11. Sean Conaty (g&e)
  12. Adam Goral (g&e)
  13. Travis Miller (g&e)
  14. Jeremy Cohen (g&e)
  15. Zack Savitz (g&e)
  16. Rachel Elias (g&e)
  17. Max Hurwitz (g&e)
  18. Kari Aiya Barber (g&e)
  19. Charlie Panian (g&e)
  20. Zachary Guerra (g&e)
  21. Arthur To (g&e)
  22. Michael Jacks (dit)

costume department

  1. Juliana Hong (wardrobe)

makeup department

  1. Allie Bengsston (hair, makeup)

visual effects

  1. Chris Cantey (visual effects supervisor )
  2. Dave Geis (visual effects assistant)
  3. Ian Dudley (visual effects artist)

micellaneous crew

  1. Anna Seltzer (script supervisor)
  2. Jason Dial (craft services)
  3. Ross Cohen (key set pa)
  4. Melody Murray (production assistant)
  5. Jade Ah-Heng (production assistant)
  6. Gabil Sultanov (production assistant)
  7. Davonna Sultanov (production assistant)
  8. Chiyume Sugawara (production assistant)


  1. Soapbox Films (special thanks)
  2. Christopher Alender (special thanks)
  3. Kris Eber (special thanks)
  4. David Smith (special thanks)
  5. John Watson (special thanks)
  6. Brenda Goodman (special thanks)

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